Shanghai Zhongze Yi Metal Materials Co., Ltd. Precision tubes for automobiles

Shanghai Zhongze Yi Metal Materials Co., Ltd. Precision tubes for automobiles


The development of the automotive industry requires various metal and non-metal materials. Metal materials are the most commonly used materials, with main varieties including plates, profiles, steel pipes, etc. In automotive materials, although steel pipes are not commonly used, they are very important. The car controller, steering shaft, shock absorber, front axle assembly, constant speed joint transmission shaft, muffler, rear axle suspension arm, cooling water device and other components are all composed of various steel pipes. It can be said that without steel pipes, cars cannot start.

Cars have beautiful appearance, light weight, safe and stable driving, and strict requirements are put forward for dimensional accuracy, mechanical performance, process performance, and surface quality. Precision steel pipes are the production process of seamless steel pipes. Precision rolled pipe is one of the high-grade varieties in seamless steel pipe products. It has the characteristics of high precision and surface smoothness requirements, with smooth inner walls and almost no oxide layer on the surface of the precision rolled pipe. Secondly, the comprehensive performance of precision rolled pipes is very good, capable of withstanding large forces and high pressures, as well as good cold bending and expansion properties. Even if pressed by gravity, cracking and wrinkles will not occur.

The precision seamless steel pipes and precision welded steel pipes produced by Shanghai Zhongze Yi Metal Materials Co., Ltd. are made of high-quality pipe blanks. The seamless steel pipes produced have significant characteristics such as high precision, high smoothness, and clean inner and outer walls. Steel pipes can withstand high pressure, high pressure without leakage, cold bending without deformation, expansion, flatness without cracks, and have good tensile and impact resistance in various usage environments. The surface of the new product carbon steel mirror anti rust seamless steel pipe has undergone mirror anti rust penetration treatment, which has better corrosion resistance. Compared with imported seamless steel pipes from countries such as Germany, Japan, and the United States, the overall quality of steel pipes is better. In terms of accuracy, it can achieve outer diameter and inner hole tolerances of ± 0.03mm, ± 0.05mm, ± 0.1mm, and can be selected according to the company’s process requirements.

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Post time: Mar-25-2024