Reasons why CRB600h steel bars cannot be replaced

Reasons why CRB600h steel bars cannot be replaced


For today’s architecture, Crb600h steel reinforcement is an important and widely used building material, which can extend the service life of buildings by pulling it. However, many steel bars can pollute the environment during production, processing, or use on construction sites. So some architects want to know if there are other materials that can replace steel bars at this stage.

 What are the materials that can replace steel bars? What are the advantages and disadvantages to write about?

1. Bamboo

Bamboo has rich storage capacity, sustainability, and flexibility. Especially in terms of tension, bamboo is more resilient than other building materials. In addition, bamboo is inexpensive, easy to transport, and has environmental advantages. But bamboo has a fatal flaw, its flexibility is poor. Once there is a change in humidity or water shrinkage, it is not practical to temporarily replace steel with bamboo, especially for the main structural parts of buildings.

2. Nickel

Nickel is one of the main raw materials for stainless steel, which fluctuates greatly in the international market and is not suitable for long-term supply to the construction industry.

3. Aluminum alloy

Although aluminum alloy has low density and high strength, its coefficient of thermal expansion is more than twice that of concrete. Such a large temperature difference can easily cause cracks when encountering high temperatures, affecting the overall stability of the building.

4. Fiberglass

The coefficient of fiberglass is much smaller than that of concrete, only one-fifth. If glass fiber is directly mixed with concrete, a chemical reaction occurs directly.

The irreplaceability of Crb600h steel bars

Compared to these alternative building materials, steel bars were initially relatively inexpensive, and their coefficient of thermal expansion was similar to that of concrete. The strong alkaline environment of concrete will form a passivation film on the surface of steel bars, which has a good protective effect on the steel bars. With the upgrading of steel bars, HRB400 has been changed to CRB600H high-strength steel bars. CRB600H high-strength high steel not only improves yield performance and tensile strength, but also reduces the use of steel and microalloy resources in actual production, saves resource protection, and reduces engineering costs. An important point is that using CrB600H high-strength steel can greatly reduce coal and water consumption, reduce wastewater and dust emissions, which is very helpful for protecting the environment, slowing down the greenhouse effect, and reducing smoke pollution. This is also an important reason why CRB600H high-strength steel bars have been widely used.

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Post time: May-24-2024