How to operate the bending of seamless steel pipes?

How to operate the bending of seamless steel pipes?


Seamless steel pipes can also deform at times, and bending and other situations are quite common. For the bending of seamless steel pipes, it is necessary for everyone to find ways to alleviate the bending degree of seamless steel pipes. The main solution and a series of steps to achieve the bending of seamless steel pipes will be to ensure more seamless steel pipes and achieve better results. How to operate the bending of seamless steel pipes?

We often encounter seamless steel pipes bending in our daily construction and daily life, which not only causes waste of resources, but also brings unnecessary time to deal with it in our daily construction. In fact, its bending is mainly due to improper adjustment of the rolling mill, residual stress during rolling, and uneven cooling along the section and length of the pipe. Therefore, it is not possible to directly obtain very straight pipes from the rolling mill, as long as the curvature of the pipes is cold straightened to meet the rules of skill conditions. The production process of seamless steel pipes is mainly achieved through tension reduction, which is a continuous rolling process of hollow base material without a core rod. During the production and rolling process, it is common for steel pipes to be crooked and not straight. What method is there to correct it?

Having a relatively small degree of curvature requires the use of mechanical straightening machines to complete the process, or the use of cold processing methods to remake and then undergo cold straightening. Ultimately, through these methods, it will become the same, perfectly presented before our eyes. Many customers are wondering if the seamless steel pipe has bent due to improper storage? In fact, this is also one of the small reasons, there are many other main reasons, such as the curvature of the original pipe, the size and material of the steel pipe, the type of straightening machine, adjusting parameters, etc. Therefore, if the seamless steel pipe you purchase has the above situations, you can consider them from these aspects. Seamless steel pipes are indeed a commonly used building material in our daily lives, truly achieving the role of small stature in exerting great power.

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Post time: Jun-18-2024